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Future Generations Alliance Foundation is an international non-profit organization established in New York, NY in July, 1992. During the prior month (June, 1992) the founders T.W. Kheel (Chairman, Earth Summit Committee) and Katsuhiko Yazaki (Secretary-General, Kyoto Forum) co-published the official newspaper covering the Earth Summit (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio De Janeiro, June, 1992). The Foundation was established in order to initiate and further develop activities that would embody the concept that was born during the Earth Summit:

We must live our lives in a way that makes it possible
for future generations to enjoy, as we do, a good and bountiful life.

Through our educational and environmental programs and research, we are committed to enhancing the lives of present and future generations and to further our mission:

to promote responsible living for the sake of our future.

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