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Future Generations Alliance Foundation and its affiliate organizations (Kyoto Forum and the Institute for the Integrated Study of Future Generations) have produced a myriad of publications in a variety of languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) with the hope that someday all people will have access to such meaningful literature.

Many of the publications have been the result of extensive dialogue and collaboration with renowned scholars and civic and business leaders throughout the world. Our intention is to further research and understanding on how to effect change which positively impacts society today and in the future. A sample of books below highlight the diverse topics covered in many of our conferences and international forums.

“From Hiroshima To Future Generations”

A collection of research papers written by 26 world intellectuals and members of the Global Governance Committee for a special conference held in Hiroshima, Japan. This forum seeks a new world establishment for peace and global governance for future generations. Future Generations Study Series 1 (English & Japanese version) – 1994.

“Why Future Generations Now”

Messages from world researchers on “why we must consider future generations now”. In today’s society, which lacks consideration for future generations, how can we restore and enhance our values for the future. Future Generations Study Series 2 (English & Japanese version) – 1994.

“Thinking About Future Generations”

The foremost collection of papers about future generations by the world-leading researchers of future generations who desire the creation of a 21st century civilization corroborated by consideration and responsibility towards future generations and for the establishment and practice of the study of future generations. Future Generations Study Series 3 (English version) – 1994.

“Creating A New History For Future Generations”

In November, 1994, the first World Future Generations Kyoto Forum was held in Kyoto, Japan. This book is the compilation of a collection of research papers written for this forum by world experts on the study and research of future generations. Future Generations Study Series 4 – 1994.

“Co-creating a Public Philosophy for Future Generations”

During January, 1996, Future Generations Alliance Foundation co-sponsored a forum with the Hawaii Research Center for Future Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa. This book summarizes the discussion of that forum and its topic: “Creating Future-Oriented Governance”. Future Generations Study Series 5. Adamantine Press Limited, 1996. Edited by James A. Dator/ Tae-Chang Kim.

“Self and Future Generations –
An Intercultural Conversation”

In November, 1996, Future Generations Alliance Foundation sponsored a forum in Cambridge, United Kingdom on the following theme: “Philosophy, Social Sciences and Future Generations – Multi-Dimensional Approaches from East and West”. Future Generations Study Series 6. The White Horse Press, 1999. Edited by Ross Harrison/ Tae-Chang Kim.

“The Generative Society: Caring For Future Generations”

This book addresses the significant topic of generativity – concern and commitment to caring for the next generation. It builds upon Erik Erikson’s human developmental model first introduced in the 1950’s yet extremely relevant in today’s world. American Psychological Association, Washington DC, 2004. Edited by Ed de St. Aubin/ Dan P. McAdams/ Tae-Chang Kim.

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