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Responsible Living

Our extensive multimedia library serves not only to document hundreds of forums, programs and events but more importantly to highlight the successful outcomes that can be achieved when people demonstrate responsibility for present and future generations.

The Foundation has recently created an A to W video series, with 50 mini-documentaries detailing real examples of how a public-minded approach with genuine consideration for others can positively transform society.

One video shares how a gift of an elephant from the prime minister of India (1949 – Jawaharlal Nehru) can bring happiness to millions of Japanese. This initial act of friendship, which began from one little Japanese girl’s dream, has been continuing for over 50 years, positively impacting generations of people with each successive elephant.

Another story highlights how Beatrix Potter used her earnings from Peter Rabbit and her other successful books to protect land in what now remains one of England’s most beautiful regions – the Lake District.

Initially produced in Japanese, the Foundation is in the process of creating English versions to share with a wider audience how one person with perseverance and determination can leave a lasting beneficial impact on society.

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