Ecological Civilization

In cooperation with the Tagore Society for Rural Development (a local non-governmental organization) and the Kyoto Forum, this afforestation project in (western Bengal) India has yielded more than 28 million trees to date.

Local residents have manually planted trees in areas denuded by years of randomly cutting trees for use as fuel. This successful program has encouraged self-sufficiency by enabling residents’ participation, execution, and management of this project.

In early 2007 eighteen elephants were spotted in this forested area. Their return confirms the successful transformation from desert to natural habitat.

1993 - at the projects start ~75 million hectares (185 million acres)
of forest had already been destroyed

With future generations in mind, women and children
envision the benefits of planting trees

With 28 million trees, this vast reforestation project has enabled
elephants to return to their natural habitat.
These photos were taken in 2006,
13 years after the start of the project.

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