Dreamers & Doers - Happiness & Future Generations

The Dreamers and Doers program was created to introduce the concepts of the future and future generations to schoolchildren. Through the production of a Dreamers and Doers DVD and accompanying educational literature, Future Generations Alliance Foundation is introducing this program to school systems throughout the United States. The DVD highlights three true stories all of which began with a single person’s dream and evolved into creating happiness for present and future generations. These stories share many important lessons including the following:

  • Never give up on your dreams
  • The benefits of cross-cultural friendships
  • The realization of our interconnected world
  • The importance of sustaining our natural environment
  • Children can make a difference in the world
  • One single dream can bring happiness to millions
  • The positive results when we consider our future and future generations

Future Generations will select dreams that best meet the above ideals along with the Foundation’s core values and invite and encourage “Doers” (sponsors, supporters, and volunteers) to turn these dreams into reality.

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