Core Values

We advocate the pursuit of happiness

Each of us has a unique identity and is entitled to pursue personal desires and ambitions within the context of a greater society. We believe that individuals can seek this fundamental human right in a manner that enables others to do likewise.

We encourage consideration of others

We believe empathy, compassion, and mutual respect are starting points for enhanced interpersonal relations. By fostering these values, a positive impact on human interactions can be achieved on a local, national, and global level.

We promote cross-cultural relations

By enhancing cross-cultural understanding and communication, we aspire to further humanity and civility throughout the world. We believe that tolerance and acceptance of differences are vital components towards improving humanistic relations in our increasingly global and interrelated world

We recognize the significance of our interconnected world

Instead of highlighting our distinctions (race, religion, nationality…), we emphasize our shared identity (uniting rather than separating us) and recognize life’s interconnectedness in our natural world. We hope that the realization that everything on Earth, including humanity, is linked will encourage responsible living for the sake of our future.

We assert our responsibility towards future generations

We support and encourage intergenerational dialogue and generativity, or the concern for the next generation and all future generations. As caring citizens, we should nurture and guide younger people with the aim of positively contributing towards the future. We should consider the effects of our actions and select from alternatives that are in the best interest of future generations. As representatives of the present generations, we should act as responsible caretakers, maintaining the earth’s riches and enhancing civilization for the benefit of the future.

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